Logistics services

International logistics company Litcargo offers European freight deliveries in any temperature regime. The company provides professional transportation services, from order acceptance and freight load to the final delivery, and takes care of all the relevant documentation the client needs.

Freight temperature and capacity: Freight service covers 0 to +6°C, –18°C, +18°C temperature regimes as well as dry / temperature non-controlled shipments. We can ship from 1 box to 33 pallets.

Transportation coverage

Our partial freight map extends throughout the entire European territory, including the main shipment destinations that account for the major part of our deliveries: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands. An extensive freight coverage always guarantees a competitive price for our clients.

Transportation schedule

Regular routes to:

  • Latvia, Estonia – daily;
  • Poland, Finland – 3 times a week;
  • Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other European countries – once a week.

Litcargo's specialisation and strength is the partial freight service. Clients are offered regular routes with a specific day and time schedule without any limitation to the size of the freight and applying a fixed-price rate. The client does not have to worry about the transport to pick up the freight or its timely delivery or arranging the price again. This service is especially beneficial to companies that are selling small quantities of goods (less than truckload freight, i.e. <33 pallets per order) and perishable products that need to be delivered abroad.



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