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"I am not a novice in the field of logistics. For seven years now I have been coordinating international logistics operations. I have always been and will be convinced that I have chosen the right professional track. However, there is one important thing to it – the company you work at, the company's empowering of each employee, the freedom and responsibility in the decision-making process, and especially, the evaluation and fair remuneration for the results achieved. In this respect, Litcargo delivers 100%. I am lucky to be here."


Dainius Mackevičius
Transport manager

"Litcargo is a consistent company. Professionalism, flexibility, and competitiveness are the three pillars on which it founds the ambition to become the market leader and I like working at an up-and-coming company. Everyday challenges and an invaluable hands-on experience make you seasoned and foster motivation and resolve to go the extra mile. After all, we are talking about the ambition of becoming one of the best international logistics teams in Lithuania."


Nerijus Juozaitis
Transport manager

"Misled are those who understate logistics seeing it as dry numbers, routes, transport, warehousing, accounting and invoicing... The human factor is an essential component of our successful work. Firstly and foremostly, this concerns working with people – clients, partners, colleagues. Sometimes I get the impression that communication takes up the entire working day, that I give all of myself to work, but it is absolutely worth it: being part of this team I grow in every way possible – as a person and as a professional of my field. Litcargo is the perfect place to grow."


Mantas Vaitiekaitis
Transport manager
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